Monday, October 6, 2008

ThatMan - The Dark Plight

Ever wondered how the world has changed. My co brothers wedding got cancelled yesterday and it could be because of something i said. The invites were out, the clothes were bought and everything was arranged and then the girl changed her mind about the guy.

What made her change her mind could be attributed to me. I just asked a few questions because I admired her spirit of such a pretty girl, who has lived outside Kerela all her entire life who will willing to settle down with my co - brother who is a desi from the a freaking village. It so happened my questions kinda opened up her a lot of questions on what she was getting into. And she changed her mind.

My family now treats me as an outcast, they don't want to see me anywhere around and now is looking to banish me from my home.

Thank God for small mercies, I see a silver lining in the whole thing. I saved a girls life, something which could have been devastating for her. A small deed which could have imprisoned her for life.

I guess it is a big insult to the big family that i come from but i guess it was worth saving a girls life cos i kinda know what kinda life she would have had, if she were to get married.

Am i feeling guilty ? I don't think so ! But i feel bad for my and his parents cos they have to live with this for the rest of there lives but then i kind of thought it was ok.

The times are gone where the boys side used to disrupt a wedding cos of dowry, nowadays its the women who take the lead on such things.

I hope my parents kinda forget and forgive.



Just call me 'A' said... was meant to happen. if not now..later! and it's better this way..nay? rather than a messy divorse? there is always good in everything. you just need to look for it.

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

Yeah i guess !! thanks for reading.