Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope is a demon bitch

Whats the story morning Glory? I guess there is enough love in my life. I set forth to find it a few days back from whoever offers it. I found many who are willing to care, people I have not seen or heard from before, but ones who do really care.

I wrote earlier in my other blog if it is ok to be completely and madly in love with two women. I think not now. Because you are always failing the legitimate one everyday when you share love with somebody else. But having said this it does solve a lot of non issues. It helps the legitimate one realise your worth. It makes her jealous of the fact that there are others who are willing and ready to take her place.Now is that true love i ask myself, or is it just an attempt to regain possession, seperate you from your circle and then again take for granted.

However I am loving the attention. It keeps me occupied and I feel happy. It keeps me away from the work front which is seriously bad. Its not bad because we have lots of work and very little time or because work is boring. There isnt any work, as we dwell in gloomy times like every news channel is propounding. Everything is shut down because we want to save money for a rainy day an do only those things which we are assured off. No risks ! No ideation ! Nothing.

And we hope for things to come together. And like I said. Hope is a demon bitch

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the day goes on.....

There are a few things I learnt yesterday. There is no romance in a satisfied relationship. Just like most artforms, where beauty is more about imperfection, so in a relationship, romance is only alive when there are problems. so unless there is a cash crunch, unless there is some insecurity in the relationship there is no love. There are different types of women, but you can broadly classify them into two. The ones who think they know exactly what they want or the ones who know only what they dont like. Both these are adorable and troublesome at the same time. You will need to thread through a lot of pain to satisfy both types but the pleasure is true.

I have also realised that i have also a lot of passion to express, all thats in me, i also know i am not all that talented. No, not a sign of a lack of confidence, but a fact you face when you really are sure of thoughts and actions. But i guess that is life, you do your best, no matter how little. I am reading machevelli, a good friend bought it for me, i wouldnt have bought it myself. I am not into amoral politics. I believe in survival though.

So much for today.........

Friday, January 9, 2009

Huff-Puff organisation

The day of laying off is over. I am saved but i wish was also sacked in a lot of ways. The guilt of being around when you see dreams broken of people who placed their trust in you is bad enough. But to see them lose the whole plot, and suffer because of the selfishless of some people who are running individual agendas is awful. Thank God 2008 is over.

But I have realised that the worst is yet not over. We are now the traditional 'curd rice' organisation. Its quite painful when you have to accept the fact that you will spend the next year with people who are no good and complete morons. What is the point in working at a place which is filled with morons. Morons behave differently from normal people when they acquire positon or power. They are complete jerks, they are in every moment trying to bully people because in a sane and non sensitive environment it would be pretty evident that they are morons.

The start of the New Year was good. The party was awesome. The women in Mumbai are intoxicating as I have always said. That city knows how to party. But with alchohol level as high as it is now in my body, even after a week of the new year is pretty annoying. I should quit drinking. Ok maybe reduce it to acceptable levels.

Life is good. There is no work, because support functions do work only when there is money to work with. And things like Branding etc are very budget driven. Today my role is more of less of a gyan guru. And with no money to execute its is just gyan. the year is picking up, the markets are losing the sensitivity of recession. I can see it happening all around me. And this makes me happy. I dont want the prime of my life shrunk because of the God damn recession. And also because i would like the organisation to start recruiting some intelligent people to be with.

I have started studying again. Am doing my MA in psyhology which is more or less an allied course to my profession. Atleast the reading and studying keeps my mind away from the other mindless SOB's

So that's that !