Thursday, October 9, 2008

Smoking Ban and Sis Alphonsa - How are they related ???!!!

My latest on the conspiracy theories which i generate due to utter lack of other things to do, is on the smoking ban in public places. I have never considered myself a threat to my lungs when i drag repeatedly on the stubs of death, that now i need to care about the people around me. Anyhow here goes the theory

I think the ban is an act of vengeance on the part of Univelers and the P&G's of the world, to hit the ITC business, simply because ITC is coming down hard with there range of soaps and shampoos which were considered the strong hold markets of the former for years. Hows that for a theory ??!!!!

Also the Sainthood given to Sis.Alphonsa, is a part of recogonising the Christians in India, which is happening in the background of our Prime Minister travelling to Europe and America for the nuclear deal and getting a lot of flak for not doing enuff for the crisis in orrisa and karnataka.

The first theory i really care about cos i was one of the worst hit.

Now thats two theories to ponder on !

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