Friday, October 3, 2008

I need to know !

I have a valid query!

I have the weirdest questions in my mind. Lately I was watching TV, and I saw a news report on a woman pregnant with a 3 month year baby, she also had a small tape worm in her gut. How scary is that ? Anyways, the doctors have advised her that she will have to let the tape worm grow in her intestine cos if they treat it with iron, then there are chances of a mis-carriage.

Now what bugs me is if the child and the tape worm were born together, does it really mean that they will be actually called twins ?

How would you feel if you had a tape worm for a twin. I guess for the first year post birth you can crawl with him, but then that's it. You really would not care for Tape worm beyond that point.

I need to know !!

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