Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4th - My First Post

I was in front of the tube the whole day yesterday. I am going thru a partial separation( I wonder if there is a term like that) with my wife who I have been married for about one year now. she hates the city in which I live ,So she left, so that she can be in the only city she will ever be happy in. Mumbai !( Man ! how women have changed over the years!! huh !????) That does not mean that we are not deeply in love. :p

I am experiencing a lot of new things these days. Like i stand in front of my wardrobe and am wondering what clothes to wear for the day. I wonder if i should drive to work or take it easy on myself and take a rick. I wonder if u should eat out of if i should order in or cook. I am a horrible cook. I can even screw up a packet of Maggi noodles. I am that amazing.

I mean these are decisions which i used to take before the partial separation, but these decisions suddenly has become a big part of my life. Life has become somehow more boring and irritating as days pass by. The course of the day is kinda slow. Its so slow that you spend a lot of time doing the most mundane things.

I wake up, by the power cut which is kinda acting up lately in my city. It is painful, considering i am a total night bird, and i spend a lot of time in the nite doing a lot of things, it is really tough on me that the power switches off at 9 in the morning just when I am digging deeper into the bed. There is something wierd about waken up when there is no electricity in your room, It is damn painful, there is this thickness in the air and the silence is killing.

I smoke excessively nowadays. I mean its the celebration of a new kinda of freedom which i am experiencing. Nobody to say anything. But i kinda overdo it. Its like i feel sick of smoking by the end of the day, which is a stupid thing to do. You should try and enjoy a smoke but not be sick of it by the end of the day.

We plan to visit each other during weekends, cos we have a 5 day week. I think there is a lot of settling in which needs to happen with this new kind of thing. I mean b4 the wedding i was kinda living with my parents. I have lived alone when I was in Mumbai, but then there is no time to really think about anything in Mumbai, and those were the years when i was setting myself up for the big league, post my MBA.

I live in Chennai and no matter how much i hate this city, I kinda am at peace here.