Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Better Days

The whole of last week went well. Funerals and weddings, People falling sick all around and a global recession staring you in your face in everything, but it went well. It felt better to be around people although not for the right reasons. Also I bought something which made me feel very good. it was a old second hand handed down thing but it was worth it. My older one was draining me of all the money cos it was behaving like a bitch. Yeah I bought a car.

Its funny thought how little I care about things which i buy. I mean all my buddies from work are more excited than me. For me its just a means to reach from point A to point B. Its just a means to an end. But so often i see people fall of benefits which are self expressive in nature. Like a friend who only bought a big car because he thought that people give him respect when he lands up at a hotel or a valet. But I guess my happiness rooted from the fact that I would be spending lesser time and money on the old one.

Another important thing is for me to understand why people scratch a newly painted car. I mean what drives these people. Are they jealous of somebody elses wealth ? or a show of wealth ? or it is just that they dont like to see things in perfection. I mean , I cannot let the black glowing body of a car just be, so here I go taking some paint off it with my key. I couldnt care less though. Its not going to reach me slower to office cos it has a scratch on its hood. Ha! so who cares? But that didnt stop people I knew from loathing about it

I am reading Arvind Adiga's book( White Tiger). I mean its funny and well written. But I also know why he won the Man booker. He showed India down. Althought its predicted that India will be the 4th largest economy in the world in a couple of years, everybody in the west love to see India as a nation of Snake charmers. I guess the religious mystique will be lost if we were all glass towers and take overs. Anyways I can attribute this book to have bought some happiness, because it made me sit back and read the book till the wee hours of the morning. Never done that in a long time now.

I was in Mumbai for a couple of days doing what i do best. Drinking. I think if my liver could just talk, it would scream. I needed two days to get my body back from the clutches of alchohol. But thats how i drink, when i drink, i drink to get sloshed. Mumbai has a very uplifting effect on me. I slowly crawl back to my element when I am there. Maybe its the women in the city. I dont know.

So generally and relatively it was a great week !!

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