Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trying to write so that it makes sense

Office : No Work. The people in my office has shrunk in size by half. It looks more like a drought rather than a recession. It is very irritating to come to work everyday and wait for the clock to tick over and then leave. It almost kills you. The reasons why I joined this place is not clear anymore. But since I am paid really well and the opportunities in the market have really dried up, I am stagnating and rotting here.

Home : Nothing much to talk about. I am trying to kill time by trying to make friends and hobbies. All in all finding like minded people in the city I live is very difficult. And even if you find the right friends, there arent places where you can go to, things you can do. So I am stuck at home most of the days. Watching the tube for most of the time.

Love : None at this point. Zilch.


Mon Espace said...

...well did it? make sense ie.

Operative Knick-Knacks said...


Shruti said...

Wonder why you don't write anymore..!