Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope is a demon bitch

Whats the story morning Glory? I guess there is enough love in my life. I set forth to find it a few days back from whoever offers it. I found many who are willing to care, people I have not seen or heard from before, but ones who do really care.

I wrote earlier in my other blog if it is ok to be completely and madly in love with two women. I think not now. Because you are always failing the legitimate one everyday when you share love with somebody else. But having said this it does solve a lot of non issues. It helps the legitimate one realise your worth. It makes her jealous of the fact that there are others who are willing and ready to take her place.Now is that true love i ask myself, or is it just an attempt to regain possession, seperate you from your circle and then again take for granted.

However I am loving the attention. It keeps me occupied and I feel happy. It keeps me away from the work front which is seriously bad. Its not bad because we have lots of work and very little time or because work is boring. There isnt any work, as we dwell in gloomy times like every news channel is propounding. Everything is shut down because we want to save money for a rainy day an do only those things which we are assured off. No risks ! No ideation ! Nothing.

And we hope for things to come together. And like I said. Hope is a demon bitch

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